It is Zimpli so much fun!

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It rained so much in December and Lexa was bored out of her mind most of the time – until I got out the messiest, funnest thing I possibly could.

I didn’t think a small packet of dried “whatever that is” would expand so much in the tub. Instead of just having a little puddle in the bath the slime just kept expanding… and expanding. We chucked Lexa and her youngest cousin (who is 10) in the bath and closed the door…

The squeals of delight and giggles did not prepare us for the aftermath (that we shall never speak of again). There was pink slime everywhere… except the roof.

You can get these fun Zimplikids products on Takealot:

  • Zimplikids Gelli Baff
  • Zimplikids Slime Baff
  • Zimplikids Snowball Battlepack (I still have this one to entertain the toddler with)

Do yourself a favour and play outside… or just know that there will be lots of spillage and fun.

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