Wanderlusting wishes for my kids – Paris

On Galentine's Day I share my travel wishes with my kids with you
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In my heart I know, I will take my kids to all the beautiful places in the world.

I want to walk so many beautiful city streets with my kids; pop into the Louvre and point out that tiny Mona Lisa; stare out together over the beautiful city of Paris from the top of the Eiffel. I want to have a picnic in a park and teach them to say Bonjour! I want to show them gargoyles, how to take a public bus and sit with me next to the Seine drinking in the French artists’ passionate strokes.

I want my kids to grow up and know every part of their heritage. I want them to find out why they have short tempers, cute noses, beautiful blue eyes and why I can never get enough of cities like Paris, London, Dublin, Munich, Lucerne and Amsterdam.

I want to show my kids the world and prepare them for when I might not be there. I want to hear them gasp in disbelief at the beauty of a foreign place. I want to be the one that stands next to them the first time they can see over the counter and hand their passport in for a check. I want to be the one that snaps a picture of them etched against a beautiful bustling city.

I want them to one day say “remember that time we went to Paris with mom?”. I want to fill their minds with beautiful memories all over the world.

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