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The collectible toy we all want – L.O.L

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Layers of fun, collectible dolls to have many hours of imaginative play fun with and a not so happy bank balance for parents.

The fun begins as soon as you rip open the first layer 🙂

I usually get irritated with collectible toys, but somehow L.O.L dolls have escaped this. They are sassy, charming, unique and work well as a bribe to get better marks, tidy up rooms or as a birthday/Christmas present.
The fun starts at the first layer and extends long past the last layer. Once the L.O.L doll has their first friend, the L.O.L bug truly has you. Next step is to add a Lil Sister and a L.O.L Laundry to your collection and to have even more fun.

L.O.L Surprise Under Wraps Doll thusfar is my favourite. You need to uUnbox the spy glass to find the codes and unlock surprises. Not only do you get a whole carry case that can hold multiple LOLs, but it can also be used as a handbag or converted to a little shower for your dolls. The packet includes:

• Spy glass
• Secret message sticker
• Surprise codes
• Bottle
• Mystery disguise
• Shoes
• Fashion Accessory
• Outfit
• L.O.L. Surprise Eye Under Wraps Doll with water surprise

You gotta love the bling! The L.O.L Surprise Doll Bling Series includes dolls dressed with tinsel glitter finishes from head to toe. They are simply the sassiest of the L.O.L family. Feed or bath your doll for an extra surprise.

  • Secret Message Sticker
  • Collectible Stickers
  • Water Bottle
  • Shoes
  • Outfit
  • Fashion Accessory
  • L.O.L Surprise Bling Series Doll
  • Ball becomes a doll stand that you can hang anywhere to display your doll!
  • Collector’s guide

The Lil Sisters come with a gift for their big sisters. They are wrapped in 5 layers, but are just as sassy as their big sisters. Bath your babies for an additional water surprise!

  • Secret message sticker
  • Collectible sticker
  • Spy Glass
  • Small fashion accessory
  • Large fashion accessory
  • L.O.L. Lil Sister doll with Water Surprise
  • Collector’s guide
  • Ball transforms into key chain carrying case and bath playset.

L.O.L Laundry (L.O.L Surprise Fashion Crush) is a 3 layer surprise in a basket filled with slime and a whole new outfit for your L.O.L doll. Digging around to find all the pieces is a great sensory activity with a great reward.

Yes, maybe they are expensive, but we do love these sassy little girls. We now have 4 big sisters and a little sister plus hope to add a new L.O.L to Lexa’s collection for Xmas.


In case you wanted to meet our other 2 L.O.L dolls here they are!

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