Roadmap to a Happier Me Challenge: Week 5 Balance

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Finding happiness doesn’t have a shortcut. You should be willing to take a chance on the experiences, things and people that will bring happiness.

  1. Happiness cannot be found anywhere else but in yourself
  2. You have to find your freedom and for that you will need to be brave
  3. Rediscover the world through childlike eyes and find the good and beauty in the small things
  4. There is always something to be grateful for, you just need to find it
  5. Find a hobby that makes you happy
  6. Always be yourself
  7. Never step on others to be closer to the sun
  8. Find the balance in your life/work/love…

You continuously need to focus on maintaining your happiness, ensuring that work doesn’t becoming your most important hours within a day.

How to get control over your work/life balance

  • Prioritise your physical, emotional and mental health before that of the office’s demands
  • Unplug – take your lunch hour outside of your office, mute work workplace chat goups
  • Set boundaries and stick to your work hours at the office
  • Plan your holidays at the beginning of the year and book it – you will have something to look forward to all year
  • Make time for yourself – even if you have kids and a husband or partner that also demands your attention
  • Set personal goals just as you need to set professional goals

For your mind

  • This week you can choose between new affirmations
    • I am an exceptional listener. I’m mindful. I’m present.
    • I can listen patiently while others talk – but I also want to be heard.
    • My voice is my power. I deserve to be heard.
  • Set your personal goals for the next 6  or even 12 months

For your body

I know I’ve been hammering on the breathing exercises, but breathing in and out and focusing on it clears your mind.

  • Continue with last week’s breathing exercise:
    • Stretch your arms above your head and put your palms together – be ready, because you will be exhaling next
    • Lower both arms to shoulder height and stretch to either side while exhaling
    • Breathe in while moving your arms back into the stretched position above your head
    • Repeat 20 times
  • Keep on walking while enjoying the scenery

For your soul

  • Create an entry in your Gratitude Journal about the activities you do that makes you happy
  • Plan a trip to a destination you have always wanted to explore and make a plan to book it in the next year

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