Ready, set, wait… for Delivery of Baby

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How am I supposed to be homebound for 4 months when all I’m used to is working in a corporate world? That part of 4 months maternity leave scares me the most. It’s not that I don’t want to spend time with the baby, but I am also scared to miss out or the person that stands in for me messes up (because that can really happen).

I have made dear husband paint the walls for the baby’s room and he has finally finished that. We still need some bits and bobs, but we are keeping it simple. What we don’t have now we will buy.

I’m just going to say this, the baby already has a vanity with mirror and chair. It was a gift from her nieces that have outgrown their childhood furniture. It is so darn cute!

I also made this bumper for the cot… because I really like this colour and pattern. What do you think?

Cot bumper for baby

Other than that, dear husband is driving me absolutely nuts. His latest is, she cannot wear something if it isn’t pink. Seriously…

On another note, I will be on the hunt again for a surrogate to bring carry the next one for us. Double sigh.

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