No more toothless…

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Hey, she has 1 tooth! It happened at 7.5 months and she’s been chewing on everything. If it doesn’t move, she gnaws down on it or pulls it over.

Little Lexa now weighs just under 10kg and almost stretches to 80cm. She sits, crawls, races in a walking ring and pulls herself up on anything and anyone. She can also shuffle along as long as she can hold onto something.

We recently took her to visit her grandparents in Pennington and at first she didnt like the beach sand but after 10 minutes she was in the water. The next day we just had to remind her that it was fun and she stayed in the water for 30 minutes and after a change she played on the sand for another hour.

She definitely is a bit of a drama queen, but she sure knows how to twist her daddy around her little pinky.

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