Go to the beach (or pool) with Matsimela!

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Matsimela inspires me to want to be better person. They don’t make a big fuss about all the good they are doing – but they should!

I got home the other day and there was a delivery from Matsimela. Usually I would take my deliveries upstairs, do some work, wash my face and then maybe by 4 open the box, but when it’s Matsimela… rules don’t apply. I grabbed my box, ran up the stairs and unpacked!

If you have 2 seconds… check out their Aloe and Shubaba ranges under Whats New! I want to try these out…

Here is what I know:

  • Matsimela is a kind, compassionate local brand that empowers local women.
  • This season you can own a beautiful crochet bag handmade by a local woman when you spend R600 or more. This applies to all purchases made on, Matsimela stores and selected spas.
  • Plus a home in Johannesburg who takes care of people with disabilities will be packaging their festive season gifts!
  • I am spoiling my mom this year with even more Matsimela goodies.

The beach bags are available in 4 colours – and they are super nice. Check out mine!

Since it is time that you get your Christmas gifts sorted, let me show you what was in the box…

MatsiMela Vanilla Sandalwood Lip Butter to condition and soften my lips. The butter is enhanced with Shea Butter and blended with Beeswax and rich jojoba oil.

Matsimela Ginger & Lime Palm Soap – This is my third palm soap and I love them so much! Plus if you’ve read my previous article on Matsimela you will know that Ginger and Lime has a few secrets 🙂

Matsimela Baobab Seed Liquid Hand Soap – As you can see, I’m already using it in my ensuite.

Matsimela Baobab Seed Intensive Hand and Nail Repair – This is a gorgeous cream! It smells a bit like sweets and while I’m typing I’m catching it in the air. Really lovely.

Matsimela Baobab Seed Intensive Hand and Nail Repair

If you want to know what home spa dreams are made of… this is it!

Matsimela Red Berry Kalahari Salt Scrub – If you have to leave me somewhere, please make sure you leave me with lots of this!

Matsimela Baobab Seed Kalahari Bath Soak – I can’t get enough of Baobab products… Plus did you know the salt is from a natural salt mine in the Kalahari?



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