I went to Kamersvol and all I got was a churro

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Soon after arriving at Kamersvol this year I realised that I seriously disliked the slow walking women (and no, not all of them were old) that hover in front of the doors – uhming and ahing whether to go in. It irritated me so much that I would skip a room just to have to come back when the door was free to use. I call this phenomenon situational unawareness.

However, the local makers and their wares… as per usual excellent. I was so happy to see Peppertree Bags there – since they only moved my favourite local brand, Design Team, to Cape Town. Can you hear my sour grapes bursting? I was tempted to buy a bit of jewellery but in the end the ‘door crowd’ made me turn around on my heels. I was also looking for a nice little black number but my vision didn’t quite meet with what was on the rails.

Peppertree Bags - support local - South African Blogger

Eco Punk Kamersvol

This year the venue was actually in a safer area plus no street parking in town – which was a huge plus. The St David’s Marist College Inanda also had lots of big trees and enough shade for sun-averse people like me.

Kamersvol Johannesburg

Seriously though, when I get irritated I want to eat and when I end up in a queue to get to food it irritates me more and then I want to leave. Luckily on my way out my eye caught Paquinos Churros and I bought some. One because I’m irritated and another because I really love churros.

Churro at Kamersvol - South African Blogger

PS. I own a few Peppertree bags – so I will probably support them forever because they make the most amazing bags but my heart is very sore to no longer have my sale highlight of the year, the Design Team warehouse sale.

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  1. I went through this year as well. It was my first time but truth be told, I didn’t enjoy it all that much. I thought a lot of the stalls were the usual ones we see at markets – only now I paid R90 to see them. Was a bit disappointed. However, I munched on some fudge from The Counter and felt MUCH better! haha

    • Susann Reply

      If it wasn’t for the snacks… I would’ve not made it. I love supporting local, but I think they need to do something else at Kamers.

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