Jozi spa secret revealed – J’s Revive Wellness Spa

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I’m always amazed at the secrets Jozi hide so well. Last week she revealed a glorious sanctuary in the form of J’s Revive Wellness Spa in Highlands North (across the road from Balfour Mall).

I drove right past the spa, not expecting a dedicated building in a bustling city setting. Finally after parking my car I entered in what can only be described as a quiet sanctuary where wellness and relaxation reside.

Js Revive Wellness Spa Johannesburg

Waiting in the reception room I was offered water that carried the aroma of fruit while completing my form. Muted music and running water drowned out the city noise, creating the perfect escape.

Js Revive Wellness Spa Johannesburg

J’s Revive Wellness Spa offers every treatment imaginable. There is a hairdresser and sprawling nail bar, luxurious treatment rooms, a pool, gym and cafeteria spread out over 4 floors. This spa blew my mind…

It is bigger than any spa I have visited and still expanding. The treatment rooms weren’t just an afterthought, they were designed with purpose. The lights dim, there is space and you don’t have to waddle from room to room for treatments as everything from a spa bath, massage and facial can be done in one room.

Js Revive Wellness Spa Johannesburg Treatment Room

Js Revive Wellness Spa Johannesburg Treatment Room

The facialist spoke in soft tones and asked about my recent acne outbreak (yeah, I get those). She stepped out to let me change and get under a towel. My facial lasted forever… it was just so relaxing. There was no feeling of it being rushed or that she needed to be somewhere. While all of this was going on a blue light enveloped the room, enhancing the feeling of being behind a waterfall curtain.

The nail bar… I don’t even know where to start! Having a choice of Morgan Taylor nail lacquers and spa creams, soaps and salts was just a nice touch. When I finally made my choices I got to sit at a nail station where everything was already set up.

Js Revive Wellness Spa Johannesburg

Js Revive Wellness Spa Johannesburg

Js Revive Wellness Spa Johannesburg

Buffing and filing in-between chatting with the two nail technicians for my mani/pedi was a welcome change in my usual quiet work day routine. I could see the ghostly shapes of cars whizzing by from my seat, but they made no sound. I felt so relaxed that I had to take a few minutes after all my treatments before driving back home.

Js Revive Wellness Spa Johannesburg

For more information on this fabulous wellness spa or to experience a one-of-a kind treatment:

Js Revive Wellness Spa Johannesburg

Five-star facilities

From bespoke manicure and pedicure lounges (complete with wooden, handmade nail trolleys and plush pedicure basins) to calming flotation pools, Rasul chambers, steam rooms, indoor heated pools and Leah’s exclusive concept- a one-of-a-kind decompression lounge where clients can sleep for as long as they like in comfortable recliners after treatments.

J’s Revive Wellness Spa boasts a large variety of treatments and packages including:

  • Bridal, baby shower, birthday or office party packages
  • Matric dance spoils (including professional make-up)
  • Signature facials and massages using healing Himalayan salt crystal packs handmade by Leah
  • Waxing, tinting and laser hair removal or skin rejuvenation treatments
  • Tanning sessions (sunbed and spray tan)
  • Permanent make-up
  • A brand-new hair salon with a variety of treatments available
  • A range of aesthetic/medical treatments with state-of-the-art technology for weight loss, firming, toning and anti-ageing needs.

Js Revive Wellness Spa Johannesburg

I am a Johannesburg based freelance writer, social media manager - and of course share bits from my life with you on this blog. We have 2 kids through surrogacy and 3 black cats.


  1. Wow! This spa looks so luxurious Susan, looks so inviting, lovely photos and review. Love the detail. Will surely put this on my list of spas to visit, hopefully sooner than later

    • Susann Reply

      If ever there was a spa to visit… this is it. 🙂

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