John Wick – Parabellum, a sequel worth watching

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Tick, tock Mr Wick.

Action, action, action… that is what John Wick – Parabellum delivers on.

I recently watched the third John Wick installment at Sterkinekor and since I am a fan of the John Wick chronicles and Keanu Reeves I had high expectations that was set from the very first John Wick movie.

At the end of the second installment John Wick was excommunicated from the High Table. This is where Parabellum starts with 20 minutes on the clock before the excommunication comes into effect.

The high adrenaline, high action continues throughout the movie. Unfortunately at times the fight scenes seem to drag on for too long.

  • Keanu Reeves is 100% believable as a action hero and as always he doesn’t disappoint in delivering a flawless performance.
  • Laurence Fishburn is a welcome reminder of how a good actor can step into new roles – aka King of the homeless assassins and birds.
  • Lance Riddick finally steps out of his roll as “just the concierge” and shows his skills as a gunman.
  • Halle Berry once again impressed with her strong character portrayal of an assassin with her highly trained dogs in tow. It is a short appearance.

However, not all is lost, at the end of the movie they neatly set up for the sequel… and it’s going to be revenge. I would recommend you watch the first 2 John Wicks before Parabellum – and then wait for the next one 😀

*I was invited to the premiere in Johannesburg.

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