Infertility Research Update

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It is about time I did an update on research that is happening around the world to assist the blessed infertiles like me. Keep in mind that research is still experimental and most will never be seen as a real treatment, others will be proven ineffective and others will end up just being too expensive.

I previously wrote about IVA and now I’m going to tell you about research done by Professor Evelyn Telfer in 2016 with ABVD. The research was conducted to find an answer on why ABVD doesn’t cause infertility in cancer patients. They discovered that cancer patients who had been given this drug had a far higher density of eggs than healthy women of the same age.

Scientists have uncovered the first evidence that the human ovary may be able to grow new eggs in adulthood.

The small study, involving cancer patients, showed that ovarian biopsies taken from young women who had been given a chemotherapy drug had a far higher density of eggs than healthy women of the same age.

Her team initially set out to investigate why the drug, called ABVD, does not cause fertility problems, unlike many forms of chemotherapy.

Read the articles about her research here:

Infertile women have been offered new hope after scientists found that a common cancer drug triggers the development of new eggs, an outcome which was previously thought to be impossible.

…and this is the part where I have to burst any bubbles of hope you may have for this treatment. Obviously I have emailed the professor, because let’s face it injecting drugs is normal and cancer drugs can’t be worse than fertility drugs. This treatment will never be available commercially.

Infertility Clinical Trials

I also keep my eye on clinical trials happening around the world. You never know what might pop up.

If you find any research or clinical trials, comment below and let the rest of us know!

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