It’s a home spa heaven at my place – thanks to Matsimela!

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I’m literally buggered. I was sick for just over 2 weeks in March with bronchitis but I worked right through it all, because that’s what you do. Then we went off to Salt Rock so hubby could go help his mom on the South Coast to sort out his dad’s belongings. I took my mom along, but with being weakened from being sick, the humidity and the kid it really took a toll on me.

When I got back to Joburg a package from Matsimela was waiting for me and I almost burst out crying from being thankful. I actually just thought that there must be someone out there that felt the vibes I was sending out.

So, what was in the box…

Matsimela Sandalwood and Vanilla Homespa products

Bunny soaps that smell like delicious “tameletjie” or really nice toffee. I could barely believe that it was just a soap. When you lather it up in your hands it is just to die for.

Matsimela Bunny

An amazing palm soap in Vanilla and Sandalwood. Showering that first day with this bar of soap was like a mini relaxing spa. It’s like having a delicious luxury that I don’t have to share with anyone – and I love it!

Matsimela Sandalwood and Vanilla Homespa products

I have written so many times about Matsimela’s bath soaks – and not just about the ones they’ve sent, but also the ones I buy. It’s a little tub of heaven that you can just drag out (of your secret hiding place) and pour into a nice bath for a bit of relaxation. I have given so many of these little tubs away as gifts as they are simply divine and won’t break the bank.

The new one is also Vanilla Sandalwood Kalahari Bath Soak and believe me when I say that you need to try it.


Matsimela Sandalwood and Vanilla Homespa products

If by now you still haven’t gotten your hands on Matsimela products, visit and spoil yourself – or drop a hint with hubby, family or friends that you need to be spoilt asap! What I like about Matsimela is that you have so much choice and every single product just smells soooooo good

Matsimela products on spoon

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