Hey, hey, hey it’s International Friendship Day… with My Little Pony!

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I love International Friendship Day with My Little Pony! This year it is all about the original besties for kids… their parents.

I still have to pinch myself that I got so lucky to have 2 such beautiful girls. I get to play with them, buy them toys (that I secretly want for myself) and I get to be there to listen to their little whispers.

This Friendship Day plan some fun activities My Little Pony with your kids and share your #MLPFriendshipDay moments by tagging @MyLittlePonySouthAfrica on Facebook.

The Mane 6 have a few suggestions to help you getting started:

  1. Pinkie Pie would like it if you baked together – especially if it’s rainbow cupcakes with lots of sprinkles. If you bake a few extra consider dropping it off at a local old age home.
  2. Fluttershy would love it if you could spend the day at an animal shelter and show some love to the animals waiting for a home.
  3. Twilight Sparkle wishes you would do a readathon and do your best impressions of the characters’ voices.
  4. Rarity would like to be invited to a tea party with a few of your friends.

Just in time for International Friendship Day, My Little Pony is also introducing a new collectable range called the Cutie Mark Crew.

After school today we will open a Cutie Mark Crew Confetti Blind Pack and I’m so excited! The rumour is that there is an adorable 4cm figure inside and that it could be a pony, sea pony or Equestria Girl with accessory, collector card and storage case.

Tune in to see the confetti fly!

There are also Cutie Mark Crew playsets and these combine 2 confetti blind packs with 3 Cutie Mark Crew themed characters!

These are available at Toys R Us and Toy Kingdom Stores.

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