Hello world, we’re wearing masks now

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I’ve struggled with the lockdown, the constant rising numbers in COVID-19 infections and deaths. The fact that we don’t have a garden because we wanted to have the penthouse life, travel and be out and about made sense – but being cooped up in a 180m2 space with kids that can’t go out enough… has really hurt us.  To top it off yesterday one of our neighbours yelled at us at 8:45 as we came up the stairs with giggling kids because apparently they effing wake him up every Sunday. (We’ve only been out 2 Sundays since lockdown level 4.) I kept my cool and told him to chill because kids will be kids, but just below the surface I wanted to yank him through his security gate and rip his limbs from his body. Going up against a parent that has had to endure what we have is maybe the worst idea this guy has ever had.

On a lighter note… The kids are wearing their masks during our morning walks and cycling time. In fact, when they see them in my hands they know we are going out and all you see is little bodies making a beeline for the door.

I’ve made a few masks for the kids and us, but I think I am proudest of my “colour your mask” with Sharpies invention. I think that was really out of the box thinking and a “I did it first”. Lexa loved doodling on it and I added some more black outlines afterwards. I plan on making her a few more as I found a stash of fabric that I never really knew what to do with because its white. One or two will obviously be Barbie-themed.

While trying out patterns and fabrics I’ve realized that T-shirt material (not the thinnest kind you get) work very well for kids with sports related activities. The 3-layer thin cotton ones also very comfortable and if you replace 1 layer with lining it keeps its shape much better.

I would love to see your self-made and bought masks.

If you want a few awesome patterns for masks you can find it on my pinterest board.

We used Sharpie Stained for fabric but fabric paint would also work.

I am a Johannesburg based freelance writer, social media manager - and of course share bits from my life with you on this blog. We have 2 kids through surrogacy and 3 black cats.

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