Farm Murders South Africa

Farm Murders & Attacks: Know their names

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This article will be updated on a regular basis. I want the victims of farm murders and farm attacks in South Africa to be remembered. They were someone’s son, daughter, sister, mother, father, grandparent or friend.

  • Brendin Horner was tied to a pole and stabbed in 2020, he was 21.
  • Glen & Vida Rafferty were 63 and 60 respectively. They were shot in their house along with their dog in 2020.
  • Raymond Papapavlou was 28 in 2020 when his bullet-riddled body was found in a room.
  • Gerrit Stander was 38 years old in 2020 when he was shot and killed. They broke into the family’s house on a farm.
  • Chantel Kershaw was 44 in 2020 when she was strangled to death in front of her mother. She was also sexually assaulted.
  • Waldi (64) and Cynthia (53) van Zyl were tortured on their smallholding in 2020. The men used a grinder to cut Waldi’s leg, snapping some of his arteries. Cynthia’s nose was pinched in a vice grip and twisted.
  • Joubert Conradie was shot and killed on his farm. He was taken from his 2 children and wife at the age of 47 in 2017.

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There are lists of names all over the internet of victims

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