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Eat at Charly’s Bakery – Cape Town

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When my BFF said she wanted to go to Charly’s Bakery I recalled all the many episodes I watched on some DSTv channel many years ago about all the amazing cakes, cupcakes and cookies they make. It was like a heavenly little store… on the other side of the world. I had forgotten about them.

Mucking Afazing

Charly’s Bakery

The Charly’s Bakery is an old Jewish bookstore with a yellow Cape Town frame next to it with Table Mountain as its backdrop. It’s a pretty old building with pink accents and a delicious secret inside.

Inside you can observe the cakes, cookies and cupcakes being decorated or feast your eyes on the ready-to-buy baked goodies. Spend a little time, order a coffee and cake and sit outside at a table.

Charly's Bakery
Charly’s Bakery Cape Town

Charly’s Bakery truly is a special place where best friends can meet before setting off on an adventure.

Best things to do in Cape Town - find Cape Town's yellow frames
Cape Town has many yellow frames but this one is at Charly’s Bakery

What to do in Cape Town

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  2. What a cute looking place! Just wondering, did you try any goodies? Which one do you recommend?

  3. These pictures are great! I hope to visit here someday

    • Don’t worry… I live on the other side of South Africa and I’ve only been in Cape Town 3 times hahaha

  4. This sounds like a great place to stop by for some food, and I love seeing decorated cookies like that!

  5. What a cute little bakery in South Africa. The food there looks amazing!

  6. I didn’t know Cape Town was known for their yellow frames. I have plans to keep Cape Town in mind for travel so I would like to visit this bakery.

    • It’s only in Cape Town they have to direct you to the mountain – in case the locals don’t point it out enough 🙂

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