Difrax S-bottle – no colic, more bonding (WIN)

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So here we go, the S-bottle from Difrax… Lexa has been testing a Difrax S-bottle out for almost 2 weeks and it has now become her bottle she prefers when having cartoon or reading time.

Here is Lexa, after I chased her all over the livingroom, with her pink Difrax S-bottle. She is a little runner and sometimes when the camera comes out she pulls funny-bugger moves on me.

I am also going to be packing it for our upcoming trip to Reunion Island – for the plane. It will be Lexa’s first time in the sky and I want to make sure that she is calm and comfortable. Plus who knows what the pressure in the plane might do to her normal bottles. I am actually also that confident that the anti-colic valve (read about it below) on this awesome bottle might make the difference that will spare the rest of the passengers’ ears.

This bottle is quite unique and has won several awards – plus it is the number 1 bottle in the Netherlands – so you know there must be something special about it.

Difrax S-bottle Awards - Mommy Blogger Johannesburg, South Africa


This is a biggie… The unique S-bottle reduces the risk of colic and allows baby to drink easily and comfortably. The valve system ensures a constant flow of air from the bottom of the S-bottle, without causing a vacuum. The air enters and stays in the bottom of the S-bottle and does not mix with the milk. This reduces the risk of colic, burping and vomiting.

Difrax-S-bottle - South African Mommy Blogger

It’s like the MacGyver of bottles

  • The bottle cap of the Difrax S-bottle is a measuring cup – 30ml and 50ml.
  • The bottle teats are BPA-free, odourless, tasteless with no risk of latex allergies. A teat for each phase of development is also available.
  • The body is ergonomic. Which means no vertical bottle between you and baby, allowing for more eye contact.
  • The anti-colic valve provides a constant, regular flow of milk and prevents stomach and intestinal cramps, reflux, burping and colic.
  • The bottom is detachable, easy to fill with formula milk or cubes of frozen milk.
  • The innovative S-bottle warmer heats baby milk to the ideal breastfeeding temperature of 37°C within 3 minutes.

Difrax S-bottle and warmer - South African Mommy Blogger in Johannesburg

Choosing the right Difrax S-bottle

The Difrax S-bottle comes in 4 sizes and 2 designs: Natural (170 ml and 250 ml) and Wide (200 ml and 310 ml). The Natural S-bottle is easy to hold and is quickly adapted by your baby. The Wide S-bottle is easy to fill with formula milk or ice cubes of frozen breast milk.

  • The Difrax S-bottle 170 ml is mostly used during the initial period.
  • Then parents change over to the Difrax S-bottle 250 ml (the most popular size).
  • The Difrax S-bottle 310 ml is the next step and ideal for milk porridge.

Win your very own Difrax S-bottle!

I have 2 Difrax S-bottles to give away – so I have decided to split the prize and add 2 brand new Fill n Squeeze bags to each bottle and spoil 2 moms who is expecting or have ‘littlies’.

To enter is simple

  1. Like, and
  2. Tag 2 mommies on Facebook that could do with the MacGyver of baby bottles, the Difrax S-bottle.
  3. Check out the video that will be posted on Facebook tomorrow morning (3 May 2018) and tell me the colour you prefer. (Which blue)
  4. Age of your ‘littlie’.
  5. Let me know in the comments of this blog post that you have liked the pages, tagged 2 mommies, age of baby and which bottle you would want to win.
  6. For good measure subscribe to this blog to receive notifications of new posts via email.

Here is you cheat sheet on the answers I need, copy, paste and complete:

Tagged some people/shared:
I watched the video and want the ____ blue bottle
I have liked all 3 Facebook pages


  1. These prizes were sponsored by Prima Baby and Difrax South Africa.
  2. Only entries completed on both Facebook and blog post will count and stand a chance to win.
  3. The free prize draw is open to all fans of Goddess, who are Residents of South Africa and over the age of 18.
  4. By entering the prize draw, you are deemed to have read and accepted these terms and conditions. All entry instructions form part of these terms and conditions.
  5. If the winner is chosen and there are noted irregularities (i.e. the email address or person does not exist, is not delivered to a person, or is forwarded to a person with a different identity etc.) the winner will be disqualified and a new winner will be drawn.
  6. Any entries received after the closing date will be invalid. Goddess accepts no responsibility for any errors of any other kind which may restrict or delay the sending or receipt of an entry, or for delayed or lost entries.
  7. If we are unable to contact a prize winner, we reserve the right to pick another.
  8. All entries will be examined and the prize shall be awarded to the winner selected at random by Goddess from all eligible participants who have correctly entered the prize draw in accordance with entry instructions. No correspondence will be entered into.
  9. The winners will be notified via Facebook, email or phone call, and the prizes will be issued as soon as possible.
  10. Prizes are not redeemable for cash.
  11. Goddess reserve the right to cancel or change the promotion at any time and will endeavour to give you advance notice of any such change or withdrawal. However, in some cases, advance notice may not be possible.
  12. Prize: 1 x Difrax S-bottle and 2 x Fill n Squeeze bags for 2 moms (2 prizes in total)
  13. Competition closes 25 May 2018.

I am a Johannesburg based freelance writer, social media manager - and of course share bits from my life with you on this blog. We have 2 kids through surrogacy and 3 black cats.


  1. Constance Nell Reply

    Done the likes tagged 4 mommies. Would like the S shape .for..a 1yr old ❤️

  2. robyn cooper Reply

    Tagged 2x mommies
    I watched the video and want the dark blue bottle
    I have liked all 3 Facebook pages

  3. Tagged some people/shared: (tagged 3 mommies)
    I watched the video and want the light blue bottle
    I have liked all 3 Facebook pages

  4. I watched the video and want the dark blue bottle for my 1 year old!
    I have liked all 3 Facebook pages

  5. Hiiiii??❤? I’ve Tagged mommies…
    I watched the video and want the dark blue bottle… my littlie is 3 weeks old and
    I have liked all 3 Facebook pages.

  6. Tagged some two momies
    I watched the video and want the __dark__ blue bottle
    I have liked all 3 Facebook pages
    child 1year old.

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