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Developmental Toy: Lalaboom beads

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Lalaboom beads has added numerous basic but essential play values into one simple, yet effective toy – involving manipulation, textures, eye-hand coordination and intellectual challenges.

Some of the primary functions of this unique new toy include: Snap, twist, mix ‘n match, construction and lacing.

SNAP FUNCTION: 6 months and up. This is the primary function of the item, allowing manipulation and sensory exploration of various bead textures, colour recognition, gross motor skills and hand/eye coordination.

TWIST FUNCTION: 12 months and up. Has a screwing system that allows each bead to open and close easily.  Boosts motor skills and general coordination.

LACING FUNCTION: 12 months and up. Thanks to an inner hole, kids can string several beads.  Lalaboom is the first toy that offers a lacing function below 18 months and the best part is there are no small parts.

COMBINATION MIX ‘N MATCH: 24 months and up. All beads are interconnected allowing unlimited combinations.  Children can stack and play with half beads as well.

CONSTRUCTION: 18 months and up. Child can use half or whole bead to stack and divide any part of the construction.

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