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Christmas Gift Guide for the Goddess Boss/Boss Babe in your life

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This year is so close to the end I can almost smell Christmas cake!

It was a BIG year for us. First learning that our surrogate is expecting our baby and then finally holding the little ting-ting. Lexa became a big sister! We also found Sandton at the SPCA last year December and he finally moved in all the way from Polokwane mid-January. I got to go to Reunion Island with Lexa, my hubby, my mom (who got her first off-Africa passport stamp) and dad – and had a blast. It wasn’t all good news unfortunately… My mom got diagnosed with blood cancer  a month or 2 after our big island adventure – but she is still undergoing treatment and doing OK with my dad right by her side as always.

“At Christmas, all roads lead home.” – Marjorie Holmes

My gift guide picks for women bosses/boss babes

This year I’m making a simple picking of some of my favourite things that range from affordable to scandalous. I’m a Boss and I know what I’d want 🙂

“Smile and Slay.
You have to slay it in life or life will slay you.”
― Janna Cachola

Help her take care of herself

Not all gifts have to be expensive, but sometimes the more affordable gifts will become favourites. It’s not a secret that I love Matsimela products and that my house is stocked to the rafters with everything from fizz balls to hand creams from them.

Get the boss babe in your life this hand & nail repair cream because it fits right into one of her car’s cup holders – always ready for her to take care of her hands.

Baobab Seed – Intensive hand and nail repair

You can also browse through the rest of their website to check what else you can add into a nice little package. She will love it, I promise. You can also check out all that I’ve written about Matsimela here.

Help her relax a little

Everyone needs a little something-something to help them relax – especially if you are out there making business happen. This Stoneglow candle from The Whimsical Whippet is one of my absolute favourite things with its delicate notes of oolong tea, infused with bergamot and mandarin, are lightly combined with bamboo, lemongrass and bittersweet neroli.

Bling her up with something personal, but not too girly!

I love wearing letter jewellery, it makes a statement “It says I am who I am and I love it!”. I wear an S on my right ring finger that I bought from Lovisa a couple of years ago but I won’t mind adding an S to my neck 🙂 Hallo Jane has a nice little disk with cut-out letter and its not too expensive.

A pen to get contracts signed

I believe in rocking up to meetings with a good pen, scrap that, a great pen. There is something about holding a pen that won’t let you down and looks like it cost more than R20… (It is true what they say about spending money to make money.) Best pens in the world since I got my first one in primary school is PARKER. There is nothing wrong with choosing a Parker Jotter or Parker IM, but… once you’ve held an uber premium Parker you will want one for your business meetings too.

Parker – Urban Premium Silver Powdered Chrome Trim Fountain Pen

A sweet for my sweet 🙂

Get her a new bottle of her favourite fragrance or the one she’s been lusting after. I would highly recommend Olympea, it is feminine, but still strong. This is actually what hubby got for me for Xmas…

As charming as a modern goddess and just as disarming. Salty-vanilla, watery jasmine and ginger flower wrapped in cashmere. A divine potion of addictive sensuality. As soft and enveloping as skin.

A great business bag!

As a business woman I like to have impressive bags and shoes that attract attention – telling people that this woman has it made and they should be doing business with her. The bags that I would like to add to my arsenal are all made in South Africa and they are gorgeous!

This black and tan business bag from Wild Leather Co is amazing! They do have it in a selection of other colours, but… I love this 2 tone.

I can see clearly now…

The essential gift for every working woman that spends hours and hours on her laptop… My eyesight is perfect but next year I am going to get blue-blocker lenses and I will need frames that look amazing. This is what I’m looking at in terms of colour and style – this pair is from SNOB Milano. The best part is, it  is also available with blue lenses if you don’t want reading glasses!

MILF SNV09-C05Z Cyclamen pink frame

By the way the SNOB Milano Optical Collection has a magnetic flatlens clip-on feature! Reading to sunnies with 1 frame and an extra set of dark lenses is all you/she’ll need.

I am a Johannesburg based freelance writer, social media manager - and of course share bits from my life with you on this blog. We have 2 kids through surrogacy and 3 black cats.


  1. Good selection for a boss babe. I love fragrances and I have to admit I have never smelled Olympea, will make a point to do so.

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