Celebrating an icon’s 59th birthday

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When an invite popped into my inbox to celebrate 59 years of Barbie – I couldn’t RSVP fast enough! On the day I arrived late (which is really unlike me) and grabbed a seat right at the front during the presentation. Highlights for me included learning that Barbie clothing is actually made in South Africa (all about that in a next post), meeting up with my Blogger Bestie Miss Chanene from Tonics & Tiaras, eating Barbie birthday cake (woohoo!) and going home with a brand spanking new Barbie and Barbie cup.


What I love most about Barbie is that she isn’t just a pretty doll, she is actually a role model. She shows girls that they can be anything and that it is OK to be different.

I know that you are probably going “show me the pictures”, so here goes, a post full of pictures.

You Can Be Anything with Barbie

Recognise Sureshnie Rider from 5FM? She told us all about how she saved up as a kid to buy her own Barbie and how she used to play with a friend’s Barbie because she didn’t have one.

…but wait, there is more!

Barbie Clothing made in South Africa

Barbie Clothing made in South Africa

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