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Cairo to Giza in Pictures

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I will never forget stepping off the plane at 3am in Egypt. A gust of hot air (30 degrees Celsius) took my breath away. Egypt for me was one of those destinations that I just had to go to and this is what we saw…

The pyramids! I was so excited to see the pyramids and they truly lived up to my expectations.

This picture of the Sphinx and a pyramid was everything! Hubby and I took so many snaps with this view.

…and the Sphinx was just as magnificent as it is on the TV!

Yes it really was as hot as you’d imagine. I felt like the sun zoomed in on you by using a magnifying glass. The vistas however – spectacular!

…and all the restored buildings

If you want to read more about my trip to Egypt, check back soon as I have a few stories to tell 🙂

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    • Susann Reply

      Loved Egypt 🙂
      Wish I went to Petra tho.

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