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5 truths about having a home office

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I never thought I’d work from home with a couple of rugrats, needy cat and nanny whose phone drives me up the walls. I thought I’d share 5 hard truths of having a home office – because you know it is so much fun not having to drive out to an office.

The snacks you buy for your office is for sharing – by everyone. Just because you bought snacks to help you get through the irritations and times of working from home it doesn’t mean your husband won’t guilt-trip you into sharing your precious stash.

Being called one million times an hour is really fun when it comes from your toddler. To make it even more fun you may be asked multiple times a day where sissy is or being told that the cat is naughty.

That cat you adopted and love so damn much is a needy little bugger that will obstruct your view everything. He also bites when moved.

You automatically become the school runner. Your time is real flexible, so when you quickly (30 mins or more at a time) need to drop off and pick up kids at school it definitely will not impact your work. Who doesn’t want to get out of the house at exactly 11.45 right when you are in the middle of trying to save a client from the end of the world?

It’s not so OK for you to want to continue working after the nanny leaves. You’ve been sitting all day not being interrupted by a toddler testing boundaries or a nanny who doesn’t understand that her ringtone and conversations can travel from one story of the house to the next – since there are no walls or doors.

I mean really, how can you not finish your work between schoolruns, being asked where sissy is, the cat that blacks out your view, hearing all about your nanny’s life and phone calls from clients?

So, before you say that OH YOU ARE SO LUCKY, think twice because I might just be hiding a lit fuse.

I am a Johannesburg based freelance writer, social media manager - and of course share bits from my life with you on this blog. We have 2 kids through surrogacy and 3 black cats.

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