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10 fun facts about Cape Town

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  1. Cape Town is also known as the Mother City. Some Vaalies (people living in the northern parts of South Africa) also call it Slaapstad thanks to Capetonians’ slow way of doing things.
  2. The Castle used to have a view of the sea but land reclamation put an end to that. The Castle of Good Hope is also the oldest building in South Africa.
  3. The world’s first heart transplant occurred at Groote Schuur in Cape Town.
  4. Cape Town is geographically divided by Table Mountain.
  5. Bo-Kaap is home to one of South Africa’s oldest mosques.
  6. The Table Mountain Aerial Cableway took its first visitors up the mountain on 4 October 1929. Don’t worry, they have upgrade everything now.
  7. An old cannon at the top of Signal Hill is fired off every single day at midday – since 1806.
  8. They have shitty weater most of the time. Their summers run from November through to March, and their winters span May to September. Thank goodness I live in Gauteng!
  9. Robben Island was once used as a training station for WW2. It was also used to house leprosy patients. It also hosted South Africa’s first democratically elected president as a prisoner.
  10. You can kick out a “lekker Afrikaanse mense” just about anywhere. It is the most spoken language in the Western Cape.

What to do while in Cape Town

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