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Want to know how we are saving while eating out?

The entertainer appWhat to do when you love eating out, but you still have to be a bit conscious of your spending because you have big bills to pay… This is our dilemma.

Then hubby and I did our research on all the apps and loyalty programmes – and one of the apps that stood out was the Entertainer App. We bought a subscription earlier this year for the Johannesburg App, which is around R500 – but since then we have saved that and more.

What we used the Entertainer App for

To eat at our favourite restaurant twice in a row – and only pay for two main meals instead of four. On average say we spent R120 on a meal, we then saved R120 on the other meal.

We have tried out new restaurants – and that was pretty amazing!

We also fed my Bubble Tea obsession! And my hubby got his for free.

The entertainer appWhat else can you save on with the App?

  • Food & drink
  • Beauty & fitness
  • Attractions & leisure
    …even the Joburg Zoo!
  • Retail & services
  • Hotels worldwide

What I like about the App is that it’s not just for restaurants. You can make a whole outing with the family. And you can also share out a voucher to someone else…

Are we going to renew it for next year? You bet!

This post has been simmering in my drafts from the beginning of the year, because I wanted to try the App out. Even paid for it ourselves to make sure that we aren’t biased in any way.

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