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It’s all about the threads with Superbalist Kids

You know when you are optimistic and have big dreams about taking the perfect photo – and then the kid crushes that hope? Well, this is what happened this weekend…

Lexa is fine with changing clothes, however… she is not fine with shoes or moving slowly. The second we released her she ran full-speed whilst giggling – holding the pair of shoes high. I had to run, camera in hand and try get on the right side of a little person’s shadow.

All the clothes worn by Lexa in these photos are from Superbalist Kids. They have a wide selection of baby and kids clothing – and as someone who now works from home (I used to work in an office tower connected to a mall), I appreciate that I can shop for nice things online. I love to browse and add cute things into my wishlist and as she needs something I just pop it into my cart and pay. By the way, you can get the Superbalist App for iOS or Android – and if you are a first-time buyer with more than R600 in your checkout cart, you can get R250 off!

Let me run you through these outfits…

My absolute favourite, the navy cardigan. I paired it with some of her old clothes, but it is such a versatile piece that it’ll fit with her “pretty girly” outfits – and a look favoured by myself, pairing it with a long T-shirt and tights (notice how I only button the top two buttons).

Superbalist Kids

The heavenly blue smock dress… The blue of this dress and Lexa’s blue eyes is a match made in heaven! I think she really liked the dress as it was spacious and she could run in it.

Superbalist Kids

Lastly, the navy tulle skirt and grey T-shirt with bow… Lexa had the skirt pulled in all directions and looked like a little princess. At one stage she sat down (for a split second) and intently studied the skirt. This skirt is so well made! It is the first tulle skirt that I like.

Superbalist Kids

…as I said, the shoes Lexa didn’t want on her feet as they were something new and she knows how hard we try to get her to wear shoes (and finds it extremely funny). So here they are in all their glory.

Superbalist Kids

I have this thing about blue and navy suddenly – so on Black Friday I shopped up a little storm and found one of those infinity wrap dresses for myself on Superbalist. So guess who is going to be all matchy-matchy with the kid 🙂

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