Let them dream in a world filled with mermaids, fairies, princesses and unicorns

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If you don’t know by now just how mad about Barbie I am, you’ve probably been living in a remote location with no internet. I love, love, love Barbie. There are so many to choose from – from career Barbies to fairies and mermaids. I like to have them and look at them, but for kids… they open a whole world of imagination.

Dreamtopia Barbie Princesses - South African Mommy Blogger

The Dreamtopia range of Barbies was specifically developed for kids between the ages of 3 to 6, a period during which children begin to explore and test boundaries. This range features mermaids, fairies, and princesses, unicBrushing Barbie's hair - South African Mommy Bloggerorns, rainbows and cotton-candy clouds in a world in which anything is possible: breathing underwater, flying through the air, talking to animals and snacking on clouds.

The Dreamtopia range was originally born out of an animated series that saw Barbie and her younger sister Chelsea embark on a series of adventures in the fantastical world of Dreamtopia. But recognising the impressionable age of the target audience, the creators ensured that each episode offered more than just the twists and turns of a traditional fairy tale, teaching crucial life lessons along the way, such as the power of teamwork, problem solving, self-expression, patience, perseverance, and the importance of believing in oneself.

The popularity of the Dreamtopia range has seen it expand well beyond the boundaries of the animated series, giving little girls the opportunity to create their own imaginary worlds, featuring their very own fairies, mermaids and princesses, complete with wings, tails and hair to rival Rapunzel, not to mention pet unicorns, mermaids and even a talking cookie and milk set!

Little girls are little for such a short time in their lives. Let them play. Let them dream. Set their imaginations free with Barbie Dreamtopia #YouCanBeAnything.

Rainbow Lights Barbie - South African Mommy Blogger

PS. Please don’t ask me how many Barbies I have. That is a closely guarded secret – mainly because I’m scared my nieces will ask for one – or my husband will demand I shrink my collection.

…and check out this one – we have the same hair colour! Maybe I should own it.

Before I go… there is a limited edition range of Barbie tops available at selected The Fix stores – for adults!

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