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The Johannesburg perfume sale is one of my absolute favourite sales ever. One year I bought so many Kenzo Flower refills that 5 years later I still have stock… Make sure to leave your handbag at home, spend within your budget and enjoy hunting for the perfumes you really want. PS. You might also want to read my interview with the Fragrance Queen here 🙂 I might just have a super nice surprise to announce if you do. Dates and times of the fragrance sale in Johannesburg: 27th – 29th September Wednesday @ 12h00 – 18h00 Thursday @ 08h00 -…

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At the recent Blogger Meetup in Johannesburg, Prima had a nice little surprise up their sleeves for us. Not only did they bring a number of toys to show us, they also revealed Prima Baby. I was most excited about two products – the Cosatto car seat and 360 degree high chair. Hubby and I have been shopping around for these two items specifically and I can honestly say that I’ve been left quite “meh” until now. Cosatto Car Seat, the flamingo chair I almost strained my neck looking at the Cosatto car seat as 1) it is pretty and…

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A bloggers’ meetup is not so much about the goodie bag (but that sure is nice too!) as it is about stepping out of your own space. A meetup offers you the opportunity to meet other bloggers, meet PR people and experience brands. Authentic A blog is about you, an authentic voice that share your stories and experiences. It’s about paying attention to details when you take a photo and not just endorsing products for payment. Tasting Whiskey Whiskey of the Week prepared a tasting with Bain’s and explained pairing options.

Tasting @bainswhisky with @whiskyoftheweek #jozimeetup #whisky

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I’m not really a whiskey drinker as I…

November 14, 2016 Susann

Last year I took the plunge into organising a KZN Blogger Meetup. I had just gone on maternity leave and planned to stay at our house for an indefinite time. So why not take on an event too!

Today at #kznmeetup #kznbloggermeet #durbanblogger #sablogger

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Speakers Margaret Hirsch – following your dreams and working hard Deon from Find The Stoke The Entertainer App Phoebe from Hey Gorgeous

KZN Blogger Meetup Sponsors Hey Gorgeous Silverray Stationery Catrice Cosmetics Essence Cosmetics Because I Shop Oh So Heavenly The Entertainer App Wedgewood Nougat Ouma Rusks

Getting the gifts all packed and ready to for tomorrow's #kznmeetup !!!! #durbanblogger #durban #goodies #exciting

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@entertainerza #kznmeetup #kznbloggermeet #durbanblogger

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Nougat with nuts and honey #yummy #delicious #nougat #kznmeetup #kznbloggermeet #sablogger #durbanblogger

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Pretty stationery from our our sponsors #kznmeetup #kznbloggermeet #sellotape #durbanblogger

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This lipstick from @catrice.cosmetics 👌#kznmeetup #kznbloggermeet #makeup #cosmetics #durbanblogger #sablogger

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What I learnt from my first event It…