A Little Heart for Valentine’s Day

You know that after all these years you still doodle hearts, now challenge yourself and create hearts with objects from your home. First heart in my own challenge is made from face pearls by Avon and my second heart from Revlon products. PS. now you can follow one of two Instagram accounts – get your […]


Top 20 island escapes on my bucket list

I have a travel bucket list so long and varied that I cannot possibly do 1 post with all the places. Obviously, I have a list of islands that I would love to visit – because I’m one of those beach people. In no particular order here are my top 20 island destinations I would […]

Essence nail products

Healthy nail secrets revealed (…and they are super affordable)

I have never really been able to grow long nails (and I detest having false/chemical nails) but this December I grew awesomely strong long nails and it is all thanks to a few new products I bought. My favourite buy during the silly season was the Essence nail repairing oil with Argan oil – I […]

2017 Beauty Trend Predictions

Roundup of beauty trend predictions for 2017

It is interesting to read what the fashion magazines predict for this year. I’ve summed it up to save you a bit of time. According to Marie Claire the 80s will be making a comeback; The romantic look with braids and tea-stained lips and eyes will be big; The smokey eye is out and the […]


The Havaianas commercial that stole my heart

I don’t have DSTV and SABC doesn’t exist in my world (because it is just so bad). We watch Apple TV and it comes with all kinds of goodness that I cannot even begin to describe. When I saw this advert from Havaianas it just melted my heart. It is literally the best advert I […]

Modjadji Rainforest

Gems of Limpopo: Modjadji Rainforest

Have you ever been in a place that was just so ethereal that you just can’t get over it? Well, I am still in awe of the Modjadji Rainforest in Limpopo. I grew up in the area and have been there before, but this time I took my husband. We got into my little Chev […]


Tsonga, made in South Africa

I always forget to spoil myself and when I get something as amazing as a pair of leather shoes… I literally do a victory dance. My mom-in-law has Tsonga shoes, handbags and purses and always boasts about them – and I never understood. If you don’t want to schlep around to find them on shelves, […]


#SuperFabFan Competition for 2017

I loved rewarding 1 of my most active fans, Michelle L, in 2016 so much that I’ve decided to do it again in 2017. How do you win? Interact with me from now until 30 November 2017 on any of my social media platforms. You can retweet, love or reply to my tweets on www.twitter.com/susanndeysel. […]


Stories from a childhood on a farm: Christmas

Christmas on the farm was a big thing. All my aunts, uncles and their children would go to my grandparents’ place. The table that could seat 20 people buckled under all the food every meal. Christmas day would always start with church in town 60km away and then lunch with the family 50km from town […]

Essence advent calendar day 1 to 8

Essence Advent Calendar (Spoiler Alert)

I don’t do advent calendars. I can’t wait to open all the little windows and then I end up doing it all in one day and regretting that I hadn’t left anything for the rest of the days. This time I waited 8 days before opening the first window. …and just a pause to look […]

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