Annual Perfume Sale Dates Announced

I have some wonderful news, the perfume sale in Johannesburg is happening this month! The sale is usually in September/October so this is an extra special spoil early in the year. 30 March: 12:00 to 18:00 31 March: 8:00 to 18:00 1 April: 8:00 to 18:00 2 April: 8:00 to 13:00 Urban Tree, 8 Commerce […]


20 Year Reunion Jitters – should I attend?

There is something to be said about getting older and being confronted by a 20 year reunion… First you think about your weight gain since the 10 year reunion and then about how old you’ve gotten. Next you start thinking about all the people you couldn’t stand in school and then the good times. Then […]


We all have strange habits…

Eating habits I am a fussy eater. I don’t eat anything that looks at me or still has blood oozing from it. I also don’t like cheese on my chicken or sweet chicken. I do not eat meat floating in sauce (like chicken-a-la-king) or meatballs thanks to being in a boarding school. My favourite sandwich […]


I might be married to your son, but you’re not my mother

I have a mutually non-loving relationship with my Mother-in-law. She can’t stand that I call her out on BS and I can’t stand her. I don’t know what it is exactly about her that makes me see red, but there are a number of things that have me laughing. So the other day she makes […]

Lexa foot in mouth

The Kid is now BIGGER

Since the arrival of the kid in October she has changed our lives dramatically. Sleeping and quiet is a luxury, the cats still don’t like the intruder but has started peeking at her in the stroller when she is sleeping and we don’t go out at night anymore. She has grown so much that we’ve […]


Infertility Research Update

It is about time I did an update on research that is happening around the world to assist the blessed infertiles like me. Keep in mind that research is still experimental and most will never be seen as a real treatment, others will be proven ineffective and others will end up just being too expensive. […]

baby names

We’re all just the same

When my mom tells a story of what the family is getting up to and you get utterly confused about who the players in the story are… Let me explain, I am Susann(a), I have an aunt Susan(na) and had a gran that went by the name Sannie (also Susanna). However it doesn’t stop there, […]


When an embryo fragments…

I have been in for close to 12 aspirations and abandoned cycles more than double that. It hasn’t gotten any easier. On 2 Feb I went in again. I woke up to good news, a smiling husband and Dr Clark that found 1 more. Then the wait started to hear about progress… the fertilized egg […]

INSTAXgoddess Doors

INSTAX Door Project Update

I don’t know what I’m enjoying more – taking photos with the Instax Mini 8 or taking photos of the Instax photos. Finding the doors also makes me happy and seeing the smiles on people’s faces when they see the photos is just such a nice feeling. When I first started thinking about doing the […]

Explore the Voortrekker Monument with Susann
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