Nom, nom, nom…

I don’t know if you have ever started a weekend with good intentions, but ended up not leaving the house. This weekend I should’ve gone shopping for quite a few (urgent) grocery items, but I just…left it. This is the result, Kelloggs Corn Flakes –

Take Off Your Shoes

Once in a lifetime

Happiness is not a destination, it is a way of life. In life you can choose many different paths. You can choose to live a real life or pretend to be someone else (for the rest of your life). You can choose to sit in

Hello April

Hello April

I see you. I see when you like my posts on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. I see when you laugh at my rantings and ”SERIOUSLY?” usage. I love that you are there, but one day when you see me walking about in some mall, street

Susann Deysel Birthday

Hello from Salt Rock

While on holiday I never keep to my resolutions of blogging (I wonder why?). I start the holiday off with every intention of sticking to blogging, but it just never happens like that. We’ve been in Salt Rock since the 17th of March and the

Salt Rock Beach

Where is your happy place?

Where do you go when you need a break from city life, work and being sick? My happy place is a beach, any beach – but when it comes down to where am I happiest in South Africa, I always choose Salt Rock Beach. I


I pick you, and you, and…

I love doing posts about things that I love. Maybe you know about the goodies – or maybe you don’t and you get introduced to new things. Design Team’s Love Doll print I cannot get enough of this print. I have scatter cushions, shopper bags


Keeping love alive

Going through the intense process of fertility treatments and surrogacy places an excessive amount of pressure on a relationship. Add some unsupportive family and you have a perfect ticking timebomb. We have spent 3 years “in the process” – and we are not done. One

Baby Room

Mint baby, mint

I never heard anyone saying how hard it is to pick out baby stuff – but then again I wasn’t really listening either. Many decisions to be made for baby’s room. I “only” have 7 months to get the Jozi room done inbetween everything else

Happy Girls Are Pretty Essence

Happy Girls Are Pretty – because Essence Cosmetics said so

Essence has been one of my long-time favourites for a number of reasons. It is affordable – making it a perfect starter range for teens and those (of us) on a very tight budget. You get all the latest colour trends and the pigmentation is


What happens after “Aspiration”? (Still talking fertility treatments)

Great, so you have settled on a fertility clinic and started your treatments – now what. The day of your “Aspiration” you get booked into the hospital wing of your clinic. You get assigned your own bed with the mandatory perv gown (those open-backed gowns).