Instagram just made my day!

Do you have more than 1 Instagram account? Do you hate having to log in and out the whole time? Me too! Instagram finally realised that people manage more than 1 account and gave to the world the best gift before Vday… the ability to

valentines quotes

5 Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas

Sitting next to you is like taking a sip of eternity, the sun, the stars, the sky, never tasted so good. – Christy Ann Martine Nothing is more romantic than celebrating a commercially driven celebration of love – right? I will check my cynicism in

Susann Deysel at it again

A Quick Catch-up…and then some

Sigh. It is only month 2 of the year and I am already shattered. I would love to crawl under my bed and wait out the year – alternatively I would like to go to an awesome beach and just count shells. Enough moaning. I

Handbag Contents

What’s in my handbag?

I challenged my friends to send a pic of what’s in their handbags… and I was super surprised. I will start off with my handbag contents – feel free to let me know what’s in your bag! I don’t have much in my Nine West


The elephant in the room

Coping with the repurcussions and emotions of infertility isn’t easy. You might think that I am strong and coping really well, but I actually just hide my emotions well. I am missing out on something big. I am missing out on it because nobody (including

press-on nails

Overnight claws on my fingers. Do press-on nails work?

So I had these press-on nails from the Beauty Insider event from last year and finally decided I want to look sophisticated with red nails for a meeting. Putting on the press-on nails were quite easy. They didn’t stay completely flat enough (to my taste)

Loyal Fan Competition

Loyal Fan Competition (Ends 1 December 2016)

I have decided to reward 1 fan this year with a big gift at the end of the year. At the end of every month I will drop something new into the gift bag. This very lucky person will be a loyal fan that interacts

MAC and other cosmetics at factory shop prices

Prepare to drool Joburgers!

I have uncovered Joburg’s best kept secret. It is so juicy that I couldn’t wait to share and rescheduled the post that was supposed to go out today. Do you love you MAC, Bobbi Borwn, Clinique, SmashBox, Estee Lauder and designer fragrances? You will love

Lipidol After Shower Oil

You want my Lipidol? {Review}

The name Lipidol doesn’t give away much of what it is – so when I got my hands on it I didn’t know what it was and threw it in my drawer. Now that I am back from a lovely beach & Kruger Park holiday

saving money

How to save money for…

My friends always complain they never have money and just can’t save. I call BS on that. I have not increased my spending habits when my increases kicked in. I still save more than I spend on luxuries. Keep a handle on your expenses Since