Moments in life

A few days ago I was on the beach with my husband. We had played in the ocean for about an hour and finally took a break back on our towels when an old man with a kierie and (what was clearly) his daughter and

Awesome Finds

Hey Bunny Vintage Jewellery

If you love vintage jewellery and things, you have to visit Hey Bunny. They have a little bit of everything vintage and also have some newer items on their online shop. My favourite category holds natural stone statement rings – and they are GORGEOUS. Take


Learning About The Enneagram

I’m not one of those people that believe in horoscopes and such, but sometimes somewhere someone gets it right to describe what I am (like). One of my friends, Kat, is doing this course that includes learning about the Enneagram. She always tries to analyse

Closet bursting at the seams. HELP.

My closest has been bursting at the seams for years and finally last night I emptied it and only put back 60% in the end. Some of my clothes I could throw out with no pang of regret, but then there are those really special

Picking Accessories To Suit Your Style

There are so many accessories and styles available that I find it quite daunting to choose the perfect items that I would wear more than once. I’m not a fan of statement necklaces, but I have bought a few over the years and they are

Watermelon Christmas

See you soon Ballito!

I can hardly wait to go home in a few days to my sanctuary in Ballito. My bags are packed and ready and my cats have been notified that we are temporarily migrating and that they should bid farewell to any friends they may have.

Awesome Finds

Awesome Jewellery Finds

I’m still continuing with my Awesome Finds articles – if it bores you, check back again soon. Forever Love caught our eye with these wonderful pieces, a bunny (R750) pendant (I don’t like bunnies) and the silver heart cut-out pendant (R180) We love Angel Heart’s

Awesome Finds

Travelite, travel smart

We all know that the airlines are getting a whole lot more strict on our luggage – be it size, quantity or weight. Travelite had a brilliant idea to add a scale into the handle of suitcases. This is only currently available in their TravelSmart