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Joburg to Maldives to Joburg

It has been a trying week at work with campaigns and tight deadlines – but, I survived. Now there is only a few days left before we jet off to the other side of the world. It really makes it bearable to be at work

Soup diet for weightloss

The Yo-Yo Weightloss Cycle – My Healthy Diet

I can still remember the days of slipping into a size 34. It was heavenly. I was even happy as a size 36. I felt wonderful in my 36’s. I felt confident and skinny. Then somewhere between my (now) husband moving in and getting married

Little Shop Of Horrors

Little Shop Of Horrors – Pieter Toerien’s @ Montecasino

I don’t usually go to musicals, but when my BFF Bianca organised tickets I was in with husband in tow. I loved the production of Little Shop Of Horrors. The set was small, but so well done. The actors/performers were perfect for their roles with


Brands Coming To South Africa

Lately a lot of international brands have indicated they are coming to South Africa. While I appreciate that brands believe in my country I am kind of sad to have less things to look forward to when on overseas holidays. Who can remember their first


Maternity Leave for new NON TRADITIONAL Families

I am one of the unfortunates that can never fall pregnant (you can read my older ranting and raving posts somewhere on this blog). I had to find a surrogate – which is not as easy as it seems. Just to top it off I

Win My Fav Lip Stains

Competition Time – Win My Fav Lip Stains

I am feeling a little generous before going on holiday… What can you win? 2 x lip stains from a leading international brand. That will be posted to you anywhere in South Africa. The more of the Facebook pages you like, Twitter accounts you follow

Maldives Budget Travel - Maldives Indie Travel

4 Star Maldives – my dream holiday

I am so excited about this Maldives holiday that I can barely think anymore. I am imagining blue waters, white beaches and long cocktails in my hand. Everything is now finalised: Flights to & from Singapore/JHB (thank you Singapore Airlines!) Flights to & from Male/Singapore


Motherhood through Surrogacy

This was not the plan. It definitely wasn’t the plan to have to find a stranger to carry my child and to spend 100k just to get to that point. It just wasn’t the plan. If you had met me before I landed in the


Want to know how I ended up with a useless womb and a deep distrust of doctors?

In my 16 months of heartache I have lost much more than my happy self. I have lost some dear friends and written off most of my family. I have lost respect for the medical profession, psychologists and attorneys. Friends Forever Friends are supposed to

Maldives Budget Travel - Maldives Indie Travel

Maldives, I plan, we plan, we pack

Back in 2008 I discovered, the awesomest way to book accommodation. I booked Europe, Ireland and Thailand accommodation through this website and even after shopping around they always have the best prices. This time around I have booked all our Maldives accommodation through