When an embryo fragments…

I have been in for close to 12 aspirations and abandoned cycles more than double that. It hasn’t gotten any easier. On 2 Feb I went in again. I woke up to good news, a smiling husband and Dr Clark that found 1 more. Then the wait started to hear about progress… the fertilized egg […]

INSTAXgoddess Doors

INSTAX Door Project Update

I don’t know what I’m enjoying more – taking photos with the Instax Mini 8 or taking photos of the Instax photos. Finding the doors also makes me happy and seeing the smiles on people’s faces when they see the photos is just such a nice feeling. When I first started thinking about doing the […]

Explore the Voortrekker Monument with Susann
Fairy Caravan - Fairy Dolls & Unicorn

Fairy tales & magical creatures come to life at Fairy Caravan

When you have a mind and talent like Liesl, magical things happen. Liesl, a children’s book illustrator, started Fairy Caravan 5 years ago, but her inspiration comes from a trip to the library as a toddler and discovering Beatrix Potter’s works. When Liesl was looking for a name that would suit her business she once […]

Pioniershuis Houstbosdorp

Gems of Limpopo: Pioneer House – Houtbosdorp

Nowhere on a map or tourist attraction website will you find this quaint little white house with thatched & green roof that sits against a mountain just off the Houtbosdorp road. Yet, somehow a big corporation like ZZ2 (the people that grow tomatoes, avos, mangoes and more) decided it was worth restoring. Now I don’t […]

Cotton CandyFloss

Meet Cotton Candyfloss #LekkerLocal

Since 2013 Cotton Candyfloss has been one of the go-to online retailers for locally designed and produced gifts for babies and toddlers. Making it the place to shop for baby showers / 1st birthdays or any other special occasions – and delivered nationwide via courier. Cotton Candyfloss is all about ‘supporting local’/ ‘Local is lekker’. […]

Endless Jewelry Competition

Will you be my Valentine? You could win with Endless Jewelry!

Every year I say that I don’t want anything for Valentine’s Day, but secretly I always want just a little spoil from hubby. Sometimes his gift ideas hit the mark…and sometimes they spectacularly missed the mark. I really don’t like cut-flowers, but if you give a plant I will try to keep it alive. I […]


A Little Heart for Valentine’s Day

You know that after all these years you still doodle hearts, now challenge yourself and create hearts with objects from your home. First heart in my own challenge is made from face pearls by Avon and my second heart from Revlon products. PS. now you can follow one of two Instagram accounts – get your […]


Top 20 island escapes on my bucket list

I have a travel bucket list so long and varied that I cannot possibly do 1 post with all the places. Obviously, I have a list of islands that I would love to visit – because I’m one of those beach people. In no particular order here are my top 20 island destinations I would […]

Essence nail products

Healthy nail secrets revealed (…and they are super affordable)

I have never really been able to grow long nails (and I detest having false/chemical nails) but this December I grew awesomely strong long nails and it is all thanks to a few new products I bought. My favourite buy during the silly season was the Essence nail repairing oil with Argan oil – I […]

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