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Is 4 months too much maternity leave?

What is it about getting 4 months off that has me panicking? It is the fact that I know who I am and that I won’t miraculously change into a mommy that likes to stay at home. I need more than just a kid to

Mommy Blogger Johannesburg

Ready, set, wait… for Delivery of Baby

How am I supposed to be homebound for 4 months when all I’m used to is working in a corporate world? That part of 4 months maternity leave scares me the most. It’s not that I don’t want to spend time with the baby, but

Just because there is a baby it doesn't mean that I'm over infertility

Just because there is a baby – it doesn’t mean I’m not infertile

I am on a whining streak of note. I can barely stand to be around myself. I hate that I have to go through all this nonsense, injections, HIV tests and just everything to do with fertility treatments. I $%$#%^$%^ just hate it. I hate

Infertility is a hell not made for one

Inner Circle

I have so much to still tell about the journey that brought us to this moment. It was a journey that has taken much from me, let me explain… Have you ever had that one friend that took life for all that it offered. The

Greedy doctors trying to rip off people with surrogates

Greedy doctors vs couples with surrogates | go to hell

It has been a rough few days. I am interviewing stand-ins at work for while I’m on maternity leave. It is hectic to try and find someone I can trust to continue the work I have done. It has been 5 years of my IP


The art of having a baby without having it yourself – and surviving

I’m not quite sure that we are prepared for baby Lexa to arrive in just over a month. We have stuff, but everything is somewhere between haphazard and a mess. We have now received gifts from my parents and sister, my work colleagues (*story to

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Sales & Factory Shops You Need To Know About

Can you hear the birds singing? I have heavenly news about a few amazing sales coming up this week and the rest of August. This time I have good news for Pretora, Johannesburg and Cape Town readers. ROWDY Sample Sale Cape Town – 12 to


Dear YOU, we should hang out more often in Limpopo

I really don’t know how this has happenend. Just the other day I wrote this amazing article and planned this amazing calender with posts I wanted to do and then I somehow didn’t quite get to it and now it is almost mid-August! How, seriously

lion on my car

Dude, there is a lion on my car!

There are perks to living in Africa. You are closer to the most amazing nature reserves and you have sunshine almost all year round. We recently visited the Lion Park just outside Joburg – and did we get more than we bargained for… We excitedly


Thinking of screening with NIPT?

If you are thinking of doing NON INVASIVE PRENATAL TESTING or NIPT read this first. Make up your own mind about if you shouldn’t just bite the bullet and look at the alternatives. Noninvasive prenatal testing (NIPT) involves a simple blood screening that analyzes that