Maldives is for everyone

I am having serious withdrawal symptoms from being on the beach. I am <<this close>> to packing my bags and move to Ballito (since I can’t afford to move anywhere outside Africa with the weak Rand)! When I originally planned the Maldives holiday I had


Roundup of Tech Talk and Durban’s Big Win

Spring day finally arrived and it was the coldest Joburg day. Have you ever tried going to work make-up free? For the past 3 weeks I have gone to work without make-up. Sometimes I would put on some mascara more. I can now get ready


Dancing my way to the next holiday

This weekend was really busy. I scored an invite to the Discovery Vitality Party to launch the new dance class at Virgin Active and also did a 2 hour stint at the Getaway Show. Discovery Vitality Party Saturday morning Miss B and I hit the

Oh So Heavenly Strawberry Smooch bubble balm

Love Your Lips

I am feeding my addiction to pink today! If I could I would do a little victory dance just to top it off. I have been looking high and low for Oh So Heavenly’s Strawberry Smooch bubble balm and finally today Clicks had one in


The Maldives on a budget – how we did it

Remember the days where you longingly looked at pictures of the Maldives sighing at the hefty price tag that would go with a holiday like that? I did the same. Really. Then when I started doing research on where to stay I stumbled upon info

Palmer's Gentle Exfoliating Facial Scrub

Coming this week…

I have really struggled to adjust to working life after the most amazing beach holiday in the Maldives. One thing that makes it bearable is the much warmer weather here in Joburg. This week I will be trying out Palmer’s Cocoa Body Scrub and Palmer’s


Kindness in an elevator

It is no secret that I work in Sandton and in Sandton it is all about the flash and the cash. You rarely see smiley, friendly people that strike up conversations with strangers. Today however, was somewhat different… Finally I walked out of the office


Feeling A Bit Dark Today

Sometimes I wish I could just be one of those happy people that seem to have no problems. I want to wear more than just black without feeling uncomfortable. Even though I just came back from this really amazing holiday in the Maldives I just


The in-laws are coming…

I have nothing against my in-laws, but I really dislike having houseguests – especially if I am working fulltime and then go home to find people that I still need to keep company. They are arriving today, literally a day after we came back from


Essential Travel Tips

Keen to travel but hate the queues to get on the plane and wait for your food, here are my top 10 travel tips every new traveler should know. Choose a seat towards the back of the plane, you are almost guaranteed to board first