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2 doors with INSTAX

One PINK door at a time with #Instax

There are certain things that will always be true about me, I love cats and I love pink. So when I stumble across a door that is the exact pink of my toes (and my favourite colour) I do a little happy dance and bring out the cameras. This pink door is at Sherbet Angel, […]

Lexa & Doona

10 things that saved the day with baby

When people said you will spend money like water when there is a kid in the mix I laughed. That laugh has been replaced with the realisation that maybe my luxuries to myself may have to be cut a little… As all people with a diaper wearing person living with them will tell you, it […]


Stories from a childhood on a farm: Soldiers & Oupa

It was 1979 and there was a new kid on the block. Named after a grandma and 2 grandpa’s. Nothing extraordinary. I did what all kids did in the 80’s, ran wild and free – and dressed in whatever bad fashion was happening. According to my memory I only liked 2 of my dresses – […]


Growing in all directions

How much work can one little person be???!!!! Seriously Lexa is a whole lot more work than my 3 cats combined. She now weighs a whopping 5kg – and wreaking havoc on my back and neck already. She is probably close to 82cm tall. She really grew like a weed. Bath time before feeding time […]


Stories from a childhood on a farm Part 1

I don’t talk a lot about my childhood often, but maybe now is the right time for stories from the past. I didn’t have a bad childhood, it was actually pretty good. I was born and raised in the Transvaal as the second daughter of a farmer and teacher turned housewife. We lived in a […]


From Monkey to Marshmallow Human

Lexa has grown. She no longer looks like a monkey and her face has really puffed out to a human marshmallow shape. She is pulling the scale at a whopping 4.9kg… The best part about Lexa right now…she is finally smiling. Not the smile we used to get when she was farting or having a […]

INSTAXgoddess Doors

Exploring Gauteng: Nzamiye Mosque, Midrand #INSTAX

We don’t often stop at the beautiful place between us and our destinations, but when we do – magic happens. Last week I started my “Doors of… Project” with 3 cameras in tow, my trusty Fujifilm digital camera that I have dragged all over the world, my iPhone 6 and my brand new Instax Mini […]

Just because there is a baby it doesn't mean that I'm over infertility

Infertiles don’t give a damn about breeders’ problems

When breeders, you know who I’m referring to, complain about having to deal with their kids’ issues I literally want to smack them. Seriously, you complain about having a hyperactive kid that can’t pay attention or a kid that “ruined your figure”? F*** you. via GIPHY Walk 1 month in the shoes of someone like […]


Goodbye Ouma

This will be the second Christmas without my Ouma Sannie. I have been thinking of her quite a bit these last few weeks. I was named after her and now I am the last Susann(a) Deysel in my family. My Ouma passed away last year June/July. (You have to excuse me because the last 3 […]

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