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On the morbid side of life

As I mentioned in my post yesterday I went to visit my gran – and my heart is just broken. My gran is now in her late 70s and moved into an old age home a few years ago. (The place is somewhere between a

Maldives Budget Travel - Maldives Indie Travel

84 Days – Maldives Holiday

84 days to go before we board a Singapore Airlines – and I am SOOOOO EXCITED. I have booked all flights and now just have to finalise the first and last day’s accommodation and then plan what and where we will be going. I have

High tea at The Maslow Hotel

High Tea at The Maslow Hotel

I finally went for a high tea – and it was awesome. We picked the Champagne Afternoon package at The Maslow Hotel in Sandton. The High Tea started with a glass of Graham Beck Sparkling Wine and a savoury platter. This was followed by tea

Maldives Budget Travel - Maldives Indie Travel

Indie Travel to Maldives

Maldives, here we come – indie travel style! I am not going to fly many hours, book into an awesome all inclusive resort where alcohol is served and I can walk around in my bikini. I will be booking us into a guesthouse on an


Moments in life

A few days ago I was on the beach with my husband. We had played in the ocean for about an hour and finally took a break back on our towels when an old man with a kierie and (what was clearly) his daughter and

Awesome Finds

Hey Bunny Vintage Jewellery

If you love vintage jewellery and things, you have to visit Hey Bunny. They have a little bit of everything vintage and also have some newer items on their online shop. My favourite category holds natural stone statement rings – and they are GORGEOUS. Take


Learning About The Enneagram

I’m not one of those people that believe in horoscopes and such, but sometimes somewhere someone gets it right to describe what I am (like). One of my friends, Kat, is doing this course that includes learning about the Enneagram. She always tries to analyse

Closet bursting at the seams. HELP.

My closest has been bursting at the seams for years and finally last night I emptied it and only put back 60% in the end. Some of my clothes I could throw out with no pang of regret, but then there are those really special